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Minnesota Boys High School tennis

Who Will Win The Minnesota State High School AA Team Title?

Elk River
Maple Grove

USTA Northern
1001 W. 98th Street, Ste. 101
Bloomington, Minn. 55431
(952) 887-5001

Advertising Opportunities

2012 Website Advertising Rates
USTA Northern website currently receives over 40,000 views per month. These numbers offer the potential to drive traffic to your company or website. Prices listed are for the homepage. 
Button Ad – 120X60
Logo with link to website                             1 month  - $200
                                                                 6 months - $600
                                                                 1 year - $1,000
Banner Ad – 468X60
Advertisement with link to website                1 month - $300
                                                                 6 months - $900
                                                                 1 year - $1,700
Tower Ad – 600X160
Advertisement with link to website                 1 month - $500
                                                                  6 months - $1,200
                                                                  1 year - $2,200
"NEW" USTA Northern Magazine (deadline determined by issue selected)
 The Section will be printing a new magazine in 2012 instead of Tennis Life. It will be similar to the 16 page Section insert in Tennis Life but now you have the opportunity to advertise. Mailed to over 10,000 households quarterly. Rates are based on camera-ready artwork. Any production work will be billed to advertiser.
Full-Page Color Ad                             $600
Half-Page Color Ad                             $400
Quarter-Page Colored Ad                    $300  
The 2012 Yearbook Advertising Rates (deadline - February 1, 2012)
The Section has the USTA Northern Yearbook publication which is mailed to Section member households in March of each year. Rates based on camera-ready artwork. Any production work will be billed to advertiser.
Full-Page Color Ad, Inside Back Cover                                     $700
Half-Page Color Ad, Front or Back Cover                                  $550                            
Full- Page Colored Ad                                                             $600
Half-Page Colored Ad                                                              $400
Quarter-Page Colored Ad                                                         $300                           
BEST DEAL - Quarter-Page colored ad Yearbook and Half-Page colored ad in USTA Northern Magazine: $600 (save $100)
Commercial E-blast Opportunities (deadline - timeline approved by Section Office)
Opportunities are available to send a commercial advertising message to our members via e-blast. The content must offer a discount or special promotion to USTA Northern member and be approved by the Section office. Price varies based on demographics and number of members reached.
Choose to advertise in multiple publications to save! Choose the full package and receive an ad in the Yearbook, USTA Northern Magazine plus an Electronic Commercial E-blast to our members.
Full package: $1,000 - includes ½ page colored ad in USTA Northern Magazine, ¼ page colored ad in the Yearbook and an opportunity to have one electronic commercial e-blast sent to USTA Northern members (to qualify for the e-blast, you must offer USTA Northern members a discount or promotion).
USTA Northern Newsletter (deadline - ads due the first Friday of the month)
The electronic newsletter is sent monthly to members and highlights events, information and current happenings throughout our Section.
Small ad or paragraph                                                   $50 per issue
Small ad or paragraph                                                   $500 for all 12 issues

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