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USTA Northern School Tennis

"USTA School Tennis is not meant to produce champions.
t is meant to introduce the sport to kids who would not ordinarily
belong to clubs
and may not be able to afford to take lessons."  
-Arthur Ashe

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School Tennis: More Than A Game


10 and Under Tennis After-School Program Information

As part of its mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis, the United States Tennis Association is dedicated to introducing tennis to children of all ages in schools across the country.  Starting in 1985 under the leadership of Arthur Ashe, the USTA Schools Program has brought the joy of tennis to millions of students in schools across the United States.  The USTA provides the training and resources necessary to implement the program and relies on dedicated teachers, coaches, and administrators like yourself to put the program into action.

USTA Northern provides opportunities to introduce students to tennis in physical education classes and organized extracurricular/after-school programs for all K-12 schools. Learn from both the USTA staff and local tennis program experts how to quickly transform your school gym or playground into an exciting tennis environment, allowing all students to experience instant success regardless of experience or ability. The USTA School Tennis program philosophy gets kids playing immediately through cooperative and play-based activities. The foremost principle is the use of modified, tennis equipment that makes the game fun, safe and engaging from the moment a child first picks up a racquet. Our four major areas of focus include: High School No Cut Policy, Elementary Intramurals, Middle School Leagues and Physical Education.

For USTA Northern School Tennis Program brochure, please click here.
For a 2010-11 Teacher In Service Fact Sheet, please click here
For a 2010-11 Equipment Match Application*, please click here
For a 2011 Equipment Listing, please click here.

For a 2011 Community Tennis Grant Application, please click here.
Reasons Why Schools Should Implement A No-Cut Policy, click here .
USTA Northern Jr. Team Tennis Description, click here
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Fit For A Lifetime...
With childhood obesity continuing to rise, it's clear that we have a health epidemic on our hands.  To combat the issue, many are turning to preventative measures such as physical education.  Parents and teachers alike realize the importance of introducing kids to healthy activities that they can enjoy for a lifetime.  Did you know...
  • Tennis players score higher in vigor, optimism, and self-esteem, and lower in depression, anger, confusion, anxiety, and tension than other athletes and non-athletes. (Dr. J. Finn and colleagues, S. Connecticut Univ.
  • Tennis outperforms golf, running, weight-lifting, and many other sports in developing positive personality characteristics like sociability, mental focus, competitiveness, adventurousness, spontaneity, creativity, and assertiveness. (Dr. Jim Galvin, author of The Exercise Habit)
  • The average person burns more calories playing tennis than doing low impact aerobics, weightlifting, riding a stationary bike, hiking, walking a golf course, or playing softball, baseball, or volleyball. ( www.nutristrategy.com )
Program Benefits...
Participation in the USTA School Tennis program provides access to...

FREE, professionally conducted teacher trainings
Our in-services complement a teacher's large group management skills and demonstrate how to present tennis in the physical education class in a fun and safe manner.  All necessary materials are supplied by the USTA and the workshop is conducted in your school gymnasium.   

FREE curriculum materials
Newly developed teacher friendly lesson plans, station signs, and instructional DVD’s are available to assist teachers with limited or no previous tennis experience and without requiring access to traditional tennis courts! * Requires organizational membership.
The online curriculum is available at no charge by clicking here.

Tennis magazines for your school library
FREE subscription to TENNIS, Tennis Life, and USTA magazines for all organizational members

Equipment Discounts (racquets, transition balls, short court nets)
Through a partnership with Prince, Head/Penn and Gamma, the USTA donates millions of dollars in equipment to school programs across the country.
For a 2009-10 Equipment Listing, please click here.

USTA network and resources
The USTA publishes a wide array of material designed to promote the game of tennis.  As part of the USTA School Tennis program, your school may request support materials and seek advice from other physical educators in the program.

After-School Program start-up support 
Sample program formats, coaches training, and grant monies available

For more information about USTA Northern School Tennis programs for your school, please contact Tony Stingley, Director of Training and Development and School Tennis Coordinator at
stingley@northern.usta.com or (952) 358-3289.


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